Garelick Farms Holiday Egg Nog

Garelick Farms Holiday Egg Nog
Purchased at: Aldi’s in Malone, NY

First in our round-up of holiday delights is this number from Garelick Farms (which the label proudly claims has been around, or at least in production “Since 1931″), which bills itself as a “Holiday Egg Nog.”

You know, just in case you were going to mistake it for a summer Egg Nog. Happens all the time, right?

Consistency: Reasonably full bodied. Will stick to the side of your glass without leaving a full glass’ worth in the carton when pouring the last glass.

Flavor: Ok, here is where the train comes off the tracks. The first glass made me wonder if this was an original batch from 1931 I was drinking. It hadn’t turned, and was fresh, but something about it was off. There was a sharp taste I couldn’t quite wrap my head around, and an aftertaste of dish soap or some kind of chemical cleaner.

I thought it was my glass that may had residue leftover form the dishwasher, and so in the interest of giving this nog a fair shake, I rewashed the glass by hand and poured myself another. Same aftertaste. Eliminating the glass completely, I took a swig right from the carton, and that same taste was there.

Now, the taste did seem to diminish over subsequent glasses (either that or I just got used to it), so I won’t call it a complete failure. But it can be a big turn off for people who are settling in, ready for a silky smooth glass of (non-summer) nog.

(3 out of 5 eggs)
Nothing special, but with enough spiced rum you probably won’t care. 



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